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The End of Month Game
25th Sept.  @ 6pm
€60 + 10 Freeze out
€2500 Guaranteed



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The Celtic Poker Tour, in association with Irish Eyes Poker, are delighted to announce the new Players Championship 2011/2012, where Irish Eyes Poker and Celtic Poker Tour are guaranteeing €20,000 to a FREE entry live tournament in May 2012.

To be able to enter this event you must achieve one of the following:

Win any Celtic Poker Tour Live Event

Win any EMoP Package on Irish Eyes Poker

Accumulate 50 player points from Celtic Poker Tour weekly events AND 10 VIP player points on Irish Eyes Poker between now and April 2011

Accumulate 1000 VIP player points on Irish Eyes Poker AND play in one live Celtic Poker Tour Event  (At which you must Regester your online User name ) between now and End of April 2012.

You can also increase your changes of winning the Players Championship live event by building your starting stack at the event by accumulating player points and online VIP points.

The starting stack at the live event is 5,000 chips.

However, for every 1 live player point earned at Celtic Poker Tour events over the required 50 points to enter, you receive 100 extra starting stack chips. Example, you have 70 live player points, then you get 7,000 chip
starting stack.

And you can increase your starting stack through VIP points online also. For every 200 vip points earned online over the required 1000 vip points to enter, you will receive 100 extra starting stack chips.
Example, you have 9,000 vip points, then you get 9,000 chip starting stack.

It is also possible to get your entry of 50 live players points or 1000 vip points online by pooling both your live player points and online vip points together.

Example, you have 25 live player points and 500 online VIP points. This will get you your free entry to the Players Championship final with €25,000 guaranteed prize money.

The Players Championship Live Final in April 2011 will be a members only entry event, with a free buy-in, one re-buy and one add-on available for €50 each. All rebuys and add-ons will be added to the €25,000 starting

Players will have starting stacks in line with the accumulated live and online points as outlined above. No player will be allowed to start the tournament with more than 25,000 chips.

For more information speak with Fionn or Liam at any Celtic Poker Tour event.

You can now win your seat to any of Celtic Poker Tour event worth €170 in our Thursday night €15  Freeze-out satellite at 8.30pm, with one Celtic Poker Tour ticket to any weekly event guaranteed.